Sunday, 9 November 2008

Christmas Toyfair @ Ngee Ann City

A view of the fair from the entrance

Playstation and Gundam sections

Impressive 1/1 scale BB Sangokuden Lu Bu Tallgeese

Look at the powerful Crescent Halberd!

1/1 scale BB Sangokuden Red Hare

Another view of 1/1 scale BB Sangokuden Red Hare

Items going @ 20% discount and more!

Singapore Bakuc 2008 organised by Sheng Tai Toys

Here are the applicants' Gunpla on display. Did take more pic cos my handphone in-built digital cam isn't too good.

Display of Sangokuden kits. Liu Bei & Zhuge Liang having BBQ!

Great news! Gundam 00 is screened on okto channel every Friday @ 11.30pm.

With limited premium and 20% discount, how to resist the temptation?

A lucky came-cross when I went on a solo shopping trip to Ngee Ann City yesterday. What a surprise to discover this Christmas toyfair held at the basement by Takashimaya. The place was packed with weekend crowd and I had to squeeze through my way to explore the area. Finally, my haul of the day is BB Lu Bu Tallgeese.


Bambino D said...

Oh my god they have started the christmas toy fair already?? *busy scribbling down in my schedule* The gunpla section makes me drool :).....

deSMOnd said...

Yup! a perfect place for Gundam collectors..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Glad to share the inform with you guys. Happy Christmas shopping!

Little Plastic Man said...

Huh...I think I missed this...BTW was there other toys on sale...not really into Gundam...hehehe

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

The other stuffs I saw were Power Rangers, Odex Anime VCD/DVD on sale and some other kiddy stuffs. Didn't see Transformers or 12" figures.

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