Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Kungfu Dunk DVD

Front view of DVD

Back view of DVD

Content inside casing

My Spalding basketball

My sister is a big fan of Jay Chou and she won't miss any of his movie. Sis bought this DVD as soon as the DVD was released and wanted to lend it to me. Even though there is Ah SA in the movie, I procrastinated thinking that the movie won't be nice. When I finally watched it last week, I got inspired to play basketball again. The movie does have good 3G effect when the cool-looking dudes did slam dunk, the soundtrack is smoothing and what's more! It has the adorable Ah Sa! The DVD is really for money since I watched it twice. Hee! Hee!

I have rescheduled my posting with new pic of my new basketball which I bought yesterday. Now, I'm really inspired to play basketball. But I problem I now face is who to play with me and where is the basketball court next my place : (

MV of 周杰倫 - 周大俠...

Kungfu Dunk trailer...

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Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Made a new friend at the basketball court and played a game with him. It's real enjoyment going back to the sport I once loved so much!

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