Tuesday, 14 October 2008

BB Senshi Sangokuden Gundam @ Bugis OG

Battle of Chi Bi

Battle of Chi Bi (Part 2)

Heroes from BB Senshi Sangokuden

News for Singapore & Malaysia release Sangokuden model kits

I'm eyeing on Sangokuden Hero Encyclopedia Korou Fortress Sets

Just visited Bugis OG shopping centre yesterday and to my surprise, there were some Gundam MSIA on sale. A lot of BB Senshi Sangokuden Gundam were also sold there, but sadly they were not on sale. The promotion is that if you buy all of the above BB Senshi Sangokuden Gundams, you get to redeem a BB Senshi Sangokuden Gyokuji (The emperor seal). Anyway, thc two Sangokuden Hero Encyclopedia Korou Fortress Sets were already out on the shelve and I'm really tempted to buy. I will geared up and wait for Christmas sale before get my hands on these two fortress sets.

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