Saturday, 11 October 2008

Geara Doga MSIA

Front view of Geara Dogas

Back view of Geara Dogas

Back to back...

Close range weapons of Geara Doga

Geara Doga in 3D (Got pic from internet)

MSIA box for normal Geara Doga (Got pic from eHobbyland)

Neo Zeon ace Pilot Rezin Schnyder

MSIA box for Rezin Schnyder's Geara Doga (Got pic from eHobbyland)

Neo Zeon MSIA

I have two loose MSIA Geara Dogas which I bought a long time ago to compliment my MSIA Sazabi. These Geara Dogas were featured in Gundam OVA Char Counterattack serving as the military backbone MS for Neo Zeon. They have much similarities with Zaku design which I believed, Geara Doga might be upgraded and modification of Zaku.

Alike Zakus, Geara Dogas are mass produced MS sprayed with army green. Geara Doga for ace pilots or commander comes with extra head antenna and customised colours. Ace pilot Rezin Schnyder's Geara Doga is in blue. Sad to say, the left elbow joint to my MSIA Rezin Schnyder's Geara Doga had broken while I was playing it. The joint still hold but the left elbow can't be bended now.

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