Thursday, 2 October 2008

Bastard!! DVD

Front cover of the DVD

Back cover of the DVD

The content of the DVD

Dark Schneider figurine that is rare

The red/orange sword was forged from fire element Efreet

Any knight fantasy fans will not miss Bastard!! This anime was introduced to me by a friend (Bryan). I first watched the anime on VCD and fell in love with the anime. instantly. That time, I even burnt the VCD to keep. Some time later, I saw the original code one DVD listed on Singapore Yahoo! and had grabbed it without hesitation. The DVD is in Japanese/ English dubbed with English subtitles.

This is an anime originated from comic and the story is about a evil warlock (Dark Schneider) who resurrected to become a hero. You will be able to see a lot of battles, magic and dragon in this anime. Too bad the anime only has of six episodes and discontinued afterwhich.

Nice video clip on Bastard!!

Here's the first episode...

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