Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Sangokushi Goodies

Front cover of Dynasty Warriors 4 Artbook

My favorite character Lu Bu

Ben's favourite character Cao Cao

Ben reading his new book

Sangokushi Taisen card I got from buying DS Sangokushi Taisen

I had to take care of my nephew 'Benedict' last Saturday for a couple of hours cos my parents and sister had activities of their own. Ben and I both have something in common and tat's our interest in 'Romance of three kingdoms' and 'Dynasty Warriors'. All these started when I impart my skill on 'Dynasty Warriors' to him after seeing him shown interest in the game while he watched my best friend and I played the game.

Ben soon took over my 'Playstation 2' and surpassed me when playing 'Dynasty Warriors'. His interest for 'Romance of three kingdoms' also grew as he dwell deeper into the characters' profile.

I had delighted Ben during his visit by giving him my 'Dynasty Warriors 4' artbook and Sangokushi Taisen card. Ben was also treated to 'Pizza Hut' and bought with 'Pokemon' cards.

Dynasty Warriors 4 intro...

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