Tuesday, 26 August 2008

A&W Munch

The resort we stayed at...

Benedict enjoying A&W...

Traces left behind by us...

Yum! Yum!

Before my wife starts posting on our children's blog about our trip to Batam, let me just start off with you my fastfood experience at Batam's downtown shopping Mall. Basically on our second day at Batam, we took a shuttle bus to Nagoya shopping Mall and the first thing in my mind then was to hunt for A&W restaurant after I saw the signboard outside the shopping mall.

Leaving the others behind, my nephew (Benedict) and I headed straight to A&W restaurant and indulged ourselves with 'Mozza burger' set meal. My nephew probably think A&W is just another fastfood restaurant. But A&W meant much more to me and I simply love the rootbeer float and curly fries.

I have fond mermories at A&W restaurant during the time when there were still A&W restaurants in Singapore. My best friend and I used to patronise the outlet at Bukit Merah and had shared good times having A&W's ice-cream waffle, curly fries, chicken wings, root beer float and double chesse burger. It's heaven! What's more! Tuesday used to be 'Connie Day'. Which means half price for 'Connie Dog' (A&W hotdog).

When I was searching for the logo of A&W on the internet, I found a site that asked for petition to bring back A&W to Singapore. Didn't know that are people as passion as I am about A&W. Ha! Ha!

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