Monday, 28 July 2008

Morphers Alpha fighters (Legioss)

Front view of the boxes

Back view of the boxes

SD Rook Bartley taking the lead


Scott Bernard Alpha

Side view of Scott Bernard Alpha

Rook Bartley in red Alpha

Standard version of Alpha (Green)

Alpha fighters

Ready for take off

Alpha on the runway

Before Toynami launched the masterpiece Alpha fighters, it first stirred up the emotions of both Robotech and Mospeada fans with it's super deform SD version. These SD Alpha fighters are quite value for money as they not only come with pull back action wheels but are also able to transform between fighter and battroid. Furthermore, they look nicer than the SD Toynami valkyries. Good effort by Toynami in making these simple and yet interesting toys.

SD Alpha/Legioss smashing Invids...

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