Sunday, 11 October 2009

1/65 Scale VF-17 Special (Macross 7)

Here's a recap of my vintage Bandai VF17 Special which I had bought from China Square, flea market last year for S$70. The condition of the box isn't very mint cos the colour on the box kind of faded a little. In my opinion, the condition of box is C7. It's my impulse to complete my 1/65 scale vintage Macross 7 toy collection that driven me to the purchase. The box condition and price isn't quite favorable, but no regret buying this. The toy is manufactured in 1995 and made in Japan. The condition of toy is still mint about C9, with no missing accessories. The stickers had been applied by previous owner. BTW, I have also included the reissued piece in my collection.


LEon said...

Your post sound like you are trying to sell this piece of toy. :P

GunStray said...

Heheh its pretty fat.. then again its the oldies^^;

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> LEon
No lah! Serious wanting to keep it. Ha! Ha!

>> GunStray
The toy look better in fighter mode. The toy was made many years back, like what you have mentioned, it's less anime correct.

Andy said...

collected my fav valks (and battlepod) from sdf:mac and mac frontier, so was moving onto mac 7 and i searched for the valks of m3. found 2 leader valks, vf-19s and vf-17s. i searched google for these valks, and found bandai's vf hi-metal vf-19s, so i booked it. then i found this post of vf-17s in ur blog, and so i sourced for it and found one. so, "I am getting one too~!^^".