Monday, 16 June 2008

GQ Model Sword Impulse Gundam

This mode of Impulse Gundam is specialised for close combat. Just look at the twin swords that are able to join at both ends. Very Impressive! Very sorry that I didn't have a pic on a loose Gundam cos I didn't buy an extra piece for this.
A nicely design Gundam but too bad the pilot is Shinn. I don't like this character cos I find him stuck-up and unreasonable. If you follow the animation, you will see that the plot had slowly shifted it's attention to Kira Yamato as the story progressed.
More than a handful of fun, the GQ (it stands for "Gundam Quality") Model Sword Impulse Gundam is a "Metal Material" (Chogokin) model, with a super-heavy metal core that makes it feel sturdier than most plastic models. The included Sword Silhouette, Laser Sword, Beam Boomerang, Silhouette Flyer, Core Splendor, Beam Rifle, Folding Laser, and shield assure it'll never want for weaponry!

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