Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Revoltech Patlabor

Oh! Finally have the time to blog on Patlabor toys. Very sorry to keep you waiting, Patlabor fans! Kaiyodo has hit us hard like a cyclone with it's new wave of toys known as Revoltech. I guess it's name came about because these toys have revolver joint that improved the articulation. Kaiyodo not only made toys for Patlabor but also toys from Macross, Fate/Stay night, Shin Getta, Evangelion and etc.

My Patlabor Revoltech collection stopped at these three Patlabors, Ingram 1, 2 & type Zero. I did not buy the Patlabor Movie version cos there are only slight color variations. Another addition feature from the new Movie version is that the revolver can be taken out from the side of the right leg.

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