Sunday 18 November 2018

Pokémon Happy Meal 2018 - Pikachu

Schedule of Singapore release: 
15 – 21 Nov: Pikachu and Totodile 
22 – 28 Nov: Shiny Magikarp and Torchic 
29 Nov – 5 Dec: Psyduck and Meowth 
6 – 12 Dec: Squirtle and Vulpix

Pika! Pika! New Pokémon Happy Meal Toys has launched on 15 November with Pikachu spear heading. Even the Happy Meal box bears the Pokémon theme. One the plastic packaging, it's printed with Pokémon 'Asia' which I guess this toy line is only manned for Asia release. I won't be collecting them all as I'm quite contented having Pikachu as the protagonist Pokémon. Probably Squirtle and Vulpix will be other adorable addition. Anyway, this Happy Meal Pikachu is more than just a simple toy, its ears will move by pushing the rear. In a nutshell, I am still playing Pokémon Go but in a more casual way fulfilling daily mission and supporting friends by sending gifts. Hereby sharing an interesting news that Pokémon movie 'Detective Pikachu' is coming next year. The voice actor of Pikachu is none other than Ryan Rodney Reynolds who is best known for playing the Marvel character Deadpool. So be sure to expect a mischievous Pikachu!


deSMOnd said...

Winnie the Pooh got movie..Pikachu also got movie?!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Leon likes Pooh movie and I’m more into this Pokémon live action movie.

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