Sunday 27 November 2016

Anime Festival Asia 2016 Singapore

Came back in time from Hong Kong to attend this year's AFA. Seems like ticket pricing had gotten up again with the lowest, exhibition area access at $13. This don't seems to deter the attendees as they patiently queuing up to enter as soon as the festival opened at 9.30am. I was wrong about going early to beat the crowd. Lots of youngsters attending AFA, making me feel out of place. My first stop was Bandai booth, keen to view the chrome PG Perfect Grade Unicorn Phenex. There I signed up for PREMIUM BANDAI Singapore! and received my free shipping coupon for my first purchase online.

I walked around and realized that this year's AFA had done away maid cafe and brought in food culture with more Japanese food booths @ Wattention Food Street. Free miso soup was given out at certain timing.

As I walking along the artist's booths, it was jammed packed and long queues outside exclusive anime shops.

Canon did a nice photo booth with EVA 02 themed car where the staff helped me took a pic of me with the car, using my iPhone and proceeded with printing 3R photo for free via Canon PIXMA photo-printer.

At the stage was Q&A of celebrity cosplayer (Reika).

Kotobukiya booth was promoting Frame Arms Girls with "Feel and Touch Set Up Zone" handling these model kits. Don't think the kinky way ^_^

Lastly a look at Virtual Reality VR Idol game gear and PlayStation P4 World of Tanks and Battleships using anime banners as a way of promotion.

 Unfortunately, I didn't stay long enough to take pics of cosplayers....Aa zannenda


Yami said...

I somehow managed to attend AFA SG for this year. The queue for the ticket on the convention day is insane indeed! Fortunately i bought my tickets on Thursday, so no need for queuing lol. AFA is kinda different than the anime convention that i used to attend back in Sydney for better or worse. From what i see in this convention AFA is more about shopping and there are some nice bargains to snatch inside, though it could have more activities for instance some Karaoke booths lol. Dennis, As fellow mecha fan and toy collector perhaps we could arrange a meetup on next year's AFA if we have an opportunity.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Yami
Wow, Yami was here in Singapore!! You sure travel a lot! True that the queue was long and it seems to get longer every year. AFA had karaoke booth last year but not this year. Sure, let's meet up next time and do reminder me.. Thank you ^_^

chrismandesign said...

Since I have been very busy, due to work commitments (thank GOD), my attendance to this kind of events has been virtually slashed from my agenda for a long time already and as time goes by, I feel increasingly more irked by crowds and queues so, I will leave this job in your hands guys HEHEHE... Oh and by the way, in your picture side by side with the RX-8 custom, in the Canon stand, you look a bit taller than usual, I guess it must be the angle LOLOL... Even more, you should not feel "out of place" among this crowd of teenagers... This kind of events needs some maturity, if you know what I mean, pal LOLOLOLOL !!! =D

deSMOnd said...

Bro, seems like nothing much to see :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
Come to think about it, have not read about you traveling to hobby event lately on yr blog. You have really sharp eyes to tell the model of the car. Thanx to the lady helping me take this pic so I look taller hehe.. Seriously feeling out of place and maybe I should bring my daughter along in future to such event. She's loves anime too!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
Still good for me.. Too bad no kaki to watch T.M Revolution concert this time round. I know AFA is never your cup of tea ^_^ You are the STGCC kind of guy! Maybe we are too blessed with many hobby events here and had started to take such events for granted.

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