Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Gundam Adele RGE-G1100 Gage-ing Builder Action Figure

Here's a 1/100 scale Adele figure of the one of the suits from Gundam anime 'Gundam AGE'. Where many called it a flop. IMHO, I find Gundam-AGE franchise better that 'G Reconguista'. I would presumed that Gundam AGE target audiences are mainly children to close the age gap fans for Gundam franchise to continue as Japan's top mecha icon. The toy is therefore made with the concept of fun and robust. 

The Adele is mass production grunt unit derived from Gundam-AGE I during the arc of Gundam-AGE lI, without the G system. that of the AGE-1 Normal. Adele's enrollment replace the older RGE-B890 Genoace II. I see a lot of Gundam-AGE I Gage-ing Builder action figure on shelves previously and it seems fewer Adele were produced. Like I had mentioned previously on G-EXES Gage-ing Builder action figure, those exposed screws on the toy would turn off most who like Gunpla. 

Anyway, this is the only Adele in 1/100 scale and its chance of MG or RE treatment is very slim, perhaps zero percent. One of the gimmicks is that some parts like the arms and lower torso can be disassembled allowing you to swap with other suits from the Gage-ing Builder series with the use of concaving and bulging joints, since they universally matched. Just like in the anime, Adele was shown switching parts to Titus and Sparrow configurations. The figure has 15 points of articulation with basic armament like DODS beam rifle and shield. 

Bandai had aimed to incorporate electronic technology to the toy as domestically in Japan, the launched of this toy series allows free play with Gage-ing Battle Base in arcades. The Gage-ing mark on the core, arms and lower torso would determine the stats of the toy displayed on the Gage-ing machines aka Battle Base. I saw these machines at one point of time, locally @ Toy'R'Us stores and Gundam event booth. The game play was pretty similar to Digimon or Animal Kaiser.


chrismandesign said...

the Gundam suits recently designed and manufactured, are clearly aimed for younger people so everything, including the color schemes, are light and brilliant... this grunt unit looks more like an android (kinda power-ranger-esque LOL), but i like this simple and clean design !!!... by the way, i don’t know why many collectors tend to reject the figures with screws in sight; obviously a "seamless figure" is better for display, but when i see screws in the construction, i know it will last longer, because that’s the way the old and sturdy toys of the past were manufactured =P =D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
Adele has model kit but in 1/144 scale. I like this version cos it's bigger in 1/100 scale. U know I'm a sucker for visor type mecha especially Gundam. It's true that as a toy with screws indeed is more robust.

Stanley Lim said...

haha mass produced!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Stanley
Yeah! Mass production, won by numbers. Adele is pretty elite to start off with.

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