Dragon Ball Z : HSCF Bardock バーダック Figure

HSCF better known as High Spec Colouring Figure, to me is by far one of the most remarkable non-poseable Standart Dragonball Z figure in terms of paint job and sculpt. This line of 12cm PVC figures were entirely painted with defined facial expression faithful to the anime. HSCF Bardock バーダック is one of the earlier releases in 2009 that spearheaded this toyline together with popular badass villains such as 'Broly'. Donned in his usual Saiyan armour suit, this pride father of Goku is ready for any battle to come with both hands tightly gripped and kept to his sides. The figure is well postured and balanced that it doesn't need a base stand. It's probably the reason why Banpresto didn't include stand to this series of DBZ figures.  

I seriously love this figure for its skin tone, texture, defined muscles and shading at various parts. One thing which I didn't quite was that the green scouter was painted. I believed it would be more realistic having a tinted transparent green scouter. The blood soaked bandanna was a nice touch with Bardock wearing that depressed yet determined expression. Primitive Saiyan with his tail going around the waist. Very sharp facial of Bardock showing his sharp chin, serious eye with neat eyebrow and lastly the scar on the left cheek. 


chrismandesign said...

Bardock rarely receive attention as collectible, i must say, the character was briefly introduced in the TV series and hence, not many people are eager to get it... i would say that this figure is uncommon and i like how the colors in the paint job look intense and defined (maybe a bit too much on the upper arms), Banpresto has improved the QC over time, for sure !!!... =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
I see many Bardock figurines selling on eBay @ mark-up prices but the trend is not so locally. Maybe, some see Bardock like a variant of Goku and therefore least popular. Personally, I prefer Bardock primarily for the armor suit and I see more raggard Goku. IMHO, the most sought for DBZ figure goes to Broly!

deSMOnd said...

He was a replicated character from Goku..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> DeSMOnd
Haha! He is supposed to be the badass daddy. Lolz