Monday, 6 July 2015

Valvrave I Hito Full Impact Model Kit

Valvrave I Hito Full Impact Pic1 photo ValvraveIHitoFullImpactPic1_zps5f976f3a.jpg

Valvrave I Hito Full Impact Pic2 photo ValvraveIHitoFullImpactPic2_zpsb6b98433.jpg

Valvrave I Hito Full Impact Pic3 photo ValvraveIHitoFullImpactPic3_zpsda3a9bfd.jpg

Valvrave I Hito Full Impact Pic4 photo ValvraveIHitoFullImpactPic4_zps764d4770.jpg

Valvrave I Hito Full Impact Pic5 photo ValvraveIHitoFullImpactPic5_zpsb45647e9.jpg

Valvrave I Hito Full Impact Pic6 photo ValvraveIHitoFullImpactPic6_zpsd333fe1e.jpg

Valvrave I Hito Full Impact Pic7 photo ValvraveIHitoFullImpactPic7_zps3e865c98.jpg

Valvrave I Hito Full Impact Pic8 photo ValvraveIHitoFullImpactPic8_zps2172e8b0.jpg

Valvrave I Hito Full Impact Pic9 photo ValvraveIHitoFullImpactPic9_zps0490ab75.jpg

Valvrave I Hito Full Impact Pic10 photo ValvraveIHitoFullImpactPic10_zpsfbd044df.jpg

Valvrave I Hito Full Impact Pic11 photo ValvraveIHitoFullImpactPic11_zpsfadab5d3.jpg

Valvrave I Hito Full Impact Pic12 photo ValvraveIHitoFullImpactPic12_zps0fc88619.jpg 

Ready to embrace Valvrave at its Full Impact! Having received the support of Bandai, Valvrave Unit 01 not only received its plastic model kit treatment, the kit was later reintroduced when the mecha powered up in season two ... Vu~aruvu rave evolution indeed... Full Impact is a variety of additional equipment is attached to Valvrave I. Such as the ardor grip, Impact Booster, spare exhaust heat cartridge joints, extra exhaust heat cartridge, sickles, Strike brace, braided-Baikens, G-edge samurai swords (long) and G-edge (short). 

Some how I enjoyed playing the kit more without those full impact accessories attached. Furthermore the unit pose a lot better without those dreadful add-ons. Bandai had also overlook adding addition stickers for the full impact parts. When attaching those extra parts requires extra care, not as to rupture the stickers pasted on the unit. This model kit has its merit with the striking artwork, complimentary stand base and an impressive weapon holder which enable all the weapons.

Pics of Valvrave I Hito Full Impact courtesy of Stanley's toy


chrismandesign said...

the kit with the extra parts looks kinda cram-full, obviously imposing, but they don’t seem to follow the same style of the mecha design itself and that’s why you feel these were "added in the last minute" and not as an evolution... i mean, both look great individually, but not as good assembled... i should take a look at the Valvrane Series, it looks interesting !!!... =D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

There was a lot of work to be done to to extra parts. Apologies I didn't do much as I only did a straight build. In fact I like the basic unit without the extra parts more. The album is by Sunrise so the plot is kind Gundam - rish ... With a tragic ending : (

deSMOnd said...

The torso seems a bit too short, don't you think?

chrismandesign said...

HEHE... don’t worry pal, in fact i wasn’t considering the straight build in my comment, rather the design itself of the extra parts, which as you mentioned, were added for the second season of the TV series... they don’t match the rest of the Valvrane unit... it’s like these extra parts were taken from a different series (they remind me the design of the Armas from Linebarrels of Iron)... =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Desmond
The long legs kind to make the torso appeared shorter I guess especially with attachment to the legs elongated the overall appearance even more.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
No worries pal. I understand what u meant and not misinterpretation ^_^
The attachment kinda of like a rush work. Give the anime a go pal. I especially luv the opening theme songs!

RiP666 said...

cool,, though I stop watched the S2 on first episode due to missing data

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> RIP666
No hurry bro! Sometime after a long while, Sunrise might upload it on YouTube like Gundam Build Fighters.

RiP666 said...

yeah I'll plan to watch again someday since the S1 are really nice to watch

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Yeah! It's the kind of anime to gets more exciting as it progressed.


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