Saturday, 18 July 2015

Macross - Milia / Miria 639 Figure 3 Style Set

This Macross Miria figure set was released solely for the purpose of complimenting, Yamato's 1/60 Macross Battle Suit Queadluun-Rau 639 Milia version. I think I could figure out was that CMS the manufacturer but not Yamato. It kind of aroused my curiosity between the collaboration of these 2 companies. Anyway, Milia 639 Figure 3 Style Set is like those 4.7" (11 cm) Macross blind box trading figure previously released by CMS, such that Milia was given more attention in a box set whereby the figures could switch between parts with various look of Milia. A more feminine look of Milia in her wedding gown which cover entirely her legs. A stiff figure I would say with the arms and head as the only points of rotation and the arms tends to detached when tried to move. 

A nice gimmick would be that the head could be transferred to another body so you could have Milia in her tight battle suit, either in her helmet or without her helmet, with her lime green hair let down. I had took some pics of Milia together with Queadluun-Rau as well as having her stood beside her hubby Maximilian Jenius. Even though Yamato's 1/60 Macross Battle Suit Queadluun-Rau 639 Milia version comes with a figure of Millia, that figure looks vague in comparison with the CMS' Millia in battle suit with her legs tiptoe to slot in the cramp cockpit. There's only 2 heads in this set therefore there are only two complete figures formed at any one time.


chrismandesign said...

as you, i find quite interesting a "not official" collaboration between Yamato and CM’s, but both brands were working in the same market segment, with products clearly targeted to collectors and great quality... among the 3 options, i definitely find charming the pilot suit version, with helmet; those suits are terrific and look quite modern, even compared with the same stuff created for recent anime series !!!... CM’s has had my admiration since i knew about it and this is a delicious set to own !!!... =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
Yeah pal! It's awesome they had the figure specifically to enhance the look of the pilot. The interchange parts of Millia added more style like playing doll : ) like you, I especially like the pilot suit.

RiP666 said...

is Miria and Milia the same or different person ?
this figure is quite good really love the way Miria with pilot suit stands especially with the unhelmet head.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> RiP666
My interpretation would be Milia is better to the westerner as its what she was called in Robotech and Miria better known to the Japanese as her name in the original Macross. I like the pilot suit a lot and yeah its kind of cool to choose between helmet and unhelmet version ^_^

deSMOnd said...

It's a great robot and pilot figure set :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I would say it's a good supplement set for the mecha