Saturday, 13 June 2015

Anime Matsuri June 2015 + Ani-nation + Latendo

anime matsuri singapore 2015 photo Anime Matsuri June 2015_zpshbgvxbhz.jpg

Anime Matsuri June 2015 photo Anime Matsuri June 2015_zpsthcymt8f.jpg

 photo IMG_1667_zpsiq6dpjeo.jpg

I was hoping  to see some stuffs of Aldnoah.Zero like these below...

 photo IMG_7796_zpsvoonp7kp.jpg
Promotional pics of Aldnoah.Zero figures to be released by Megahouse (Not taken @ Anime Matsuri)

 photo IMG_7795_zps4ygw8efg.jpg
Promotional pics of Aldnoah.Zero figures to be released by Megahouse (Not taken @ Anime Matsuri)

 photo IMG_7794_zpsxgd7p6js.jpg
Promotional pics of Aldnoah.Zero figures to be released by Megahouse (Not taken @ Anime Matsuri)

but instead only saw only backdrop of Alnoah.Zero  : ( 

 photo IMG_1668_zps5gpkyf4x.jpg

 photo IMG_1669_zps0vkwixfk.jpg

 photo IMG_1693_zpsh6e1baq7.jpg
The dioramas display at 'Ani-Nation' were quite a feast!

 photo IMG_1671_zpsg88ueog2.jpg
Diorama that makes pics a lot more interesting ...

 photo IMG_1672_zps75z3jrwn.jpg

 photo IMG_1673_zpsjkl73n8e.jpg

 photo IMG_1676_zps4klebxol.jpg

 photo IMG_1674_zpsux8onbm2.jpg

 photo IMG_1680_zpspseb2oon.jpg

 photo IMG_1679_zpsjyoh4gvw.jpg
I'm not sure if this was the intended display as the neck as looks pretty awkward. 

 photo IMG_1678_zps5r8dunrl.jpg

 photo IMG_1683_zpszmqlqhnu.jpg

 photo IMG_1690_zpsi0q98qow.jpg

 photo IMG_1701_zpslo0ohtnz.jpg

 photo IMG_1695_zps4mtewvfo.jpg

 photo IMG_1705_zps7ybnrc8y.jpg

 photo IMG_1702_zps62ubi5cd.jpg

 photo IMG_1706_zpsbvprqulw.jpg

 photo IMG_1697_zpsfcheqgzg.jpg

 photo IMG_1707_zpsohcnxqi9.jpg

 photo IMG_1725_zpsphj0zto3.jpg

 photo IMG_1728_zpsepju10al.jpg

 photo IMG_1729_zpsrb03ldik.jpg

 photo IMG_1726_zpsztx2bhir.jpg

 photo IMG_1727_zpsxjgrk4nz.jpg

 photo IMG_1708_zps9yd75sgp.jpg

 photo IMG_1719_zps9kgetthl.jpg

 photo IMG_1724_zpseeoab5pn.jpg

 photo IMG_1713_zpsu4ch9adf.jpg

 photo IMG_1721_zpsonwqavv9.jpg

 photo IMG_1714_zpsczkuavik.jpg

 photo IMG_1715_zpsj3b38k1a.jpg

 photo IMG_1720_zpsrefvzwpg.jpg

 photo IMG_1723_zps7kayoloi.jpg 

Popped by Funan The IT Mall couple of days back for Anime Matsuri. Was keen to see some stuffs of Aldnoah.Zero but instead only saw a backdrop of it. Well they are merchandises from AFA organising booth, card game area, some ichiban kuji dips and Latendo booth clearing 'One Piece' figurines. Canon camera had set up some backdrops for cosplayers. When there wasn't any cosplaying events on stage, there would be anime screening on the big monitor, you see in my pic. The most anticipated performance would surely be Kancolle/Kantai Collection Opening Miiro by AKINO from Bless4.

Apologises for not taking any pics of cosplayers, no offense but I kind feel weird approaching and taking pics young cosplayers. Kind of like over-aged uncle preying on minors ... Maybe it's generation gap ^_^ Just a heads up for the relatively newly open shop 'Ani-Nation' beside 'Latendo'. I think both these shops have strong affiliations. 'Ani-nation' is the shop which I bought my Char Expo ticket. To make the post more interesting, I had taken some pics of figurines displayed outside both shops. The dioramas display at 'Ani-Nation' were quite a feast!


deSMOnd said...

I heard Ani-Nation is opened by Latendo. Same owner actually :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

More like an expansion of Latendo. Lol..

RiP666 said...

cleavage parade, i'm in :D

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Rip666
I'm trying to resist these bishoujo for more manly stuff so as not to send my wife and kiddos the wrong signal.. Lol ... God I'm doing all I can to be a better man ^_^

RiP666 said...

you can not resist your man radar bro haha

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Haha! It's animal instinct and that made us the beast. Bishoujo are exploiting men's weakness.


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