Thursday, 4 September 2014

Shurato Ten-ō Hyūga 天王ヒュウガ Model Kit

There's something off the main stream of celestial being in war armour. When most remember such anime as Saint Seiya, I'm reviewing on a long forgotten model kit from the anime Shurato. The anime is based on the guardians Lady Vishnu aka Hashibushu in Buddhism legends. Shurato Ten-ō Hyūga 天王ヒュウガ one of those righteous Hashibushu who had been framed for immobilising Lady Vishnu and had to team up with Shurato. Model Kit of Hyūga was released back is 1989 so the number of joints were expected to be limited. As a matter of fact, the joints are rather loose so I had to cement some limb joints in order for more steady stance.

The plastic for the main body is black and the armour parts in yellow as Hyūga's Shakti was inspired by tiger. Some painting has to done and majority on the facial which is more weakest when it come to painting the face. I had paint grey for Hyūga's weapon which is a form of nunchaku. In the anime the nunchaku split between a surujin and a chain whip, able to be used as either a throwing weapon or a rope. His defensive weapon is the shield on the left arm. An interesting gimmick of this model kit is that the shakti armour can be transferred to a Tamiya car like its been used as a surf board in the anime. This model kit by Bandai is very rare nowadays and information is also limited.


chrismandesign said...

looking at the video of the anime series, i can identify a familiar line of character design, certainly from the 80s, like the work of the artist involved in Cobra Space Adventure (Buichi Terasawa) or Robotech series... the action sequences are similar to those of Knights of the Zodiac, but obviously they seem vintage... never heard of such anime series and there were tons of them in the 80s as far as i know...

the model kit reminds me those old Knight of the Zodiac kits manufactured by Bandai as well... the sculpt is rather basic, but is a vintage series and the plus were the gold plated finishes, but like the one you published, they have a very limited articulation... i would say that not only the model kit but the series itself is rare indeed !!! =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Ha! Ha! This kit is a relic and it's the era of Saint Seiya. This anime kind of reach out more to European fans for some reasons. The kit really required a lot of touch up and standing straight is advisable to avoid the parts falling off and breaking the aged plastic by accident. Haha ^_^