Thursday, 28 August 2014

LINE Plush Toys ( Moon Brown Cony )

LINE Plush Toys Pic1 photo LINEPlushToysPic1_zps1192fb8d.jpg

LINE Plush Toys Pic2 photo LINEPlushToysPic2_zpscf9af4e2.jpg
Adorable goes to Cony the rabbit 

LINE Plush Toys Pic3 photo LINEPlushToysPic3_zps9a8b9710.jpg
Loving is Brown the bear

LINE Plush Toys Pic4 photo LINEPlushToysPic4_zpsb1c807da.jpg
Mr Moon with head of a Moon

LINE Plush Toys Pic5 photo LINEPlushToysPic5_zps1ed85d03.jpg

LINE Plush Toys Pic6 photo LINEPlushToysPic6_zps5dd3768b.jpg

LINE Plush Toys Pic7 photo LINEPlushToysPic7_zps6b42a875.jpg

LINE Plush Toys Pic8 photo LINEPlushToysPic8_zpse53414db.jpg

LINE Plush Toys Pic9 photo LINEPlushToysPic9_zpse153a187.jpg 

Are you a LINE App user? It's similar to Watapps, in a more relax and leisure way. The most interesting component of LINE would surely be those Emoji-like pics known as "Stickers". Uniquely to LINE are some iconic characters like Mr Moon, Brown the bear and Cony the rabbit, in different expressions to describe your current mood. LINE had proven very useful as Guild Chat when I was playing 'Immortalis' on iPhone back then. These cutie plush toys were gift from a close friend when he returned from his Japan trip. They are good for display as well as armaments hung on bags.


deSMOnd said...

Bro, I believe you won't hang it on your bag..Hehe!!

chrismandesign said...

that app is kinda noted at this side of the world too... not so familiarized with it though, or with whatsapp, but i have wechat LOL !!!... the plushies are certainly cute and finely done !!!... if only they weren’t so delicate and so easily dirtied, yet they are nice gifts !!!... =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> deSMOnd
Yeah bro, more for my wifee.. However, my daughter is pretty into rubber rainbow loop and I hang a blue frozen tear drop on my bag which she made for me ^_^

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Chrismandesign
I think LINE started off from Japan and it's popular of their stickers. I use Watsapp mainly for work matters and LINE for informal chat. It's some sort like a fun relax chat line..


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