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Infinite Stratos - Charlotte Dunois' Rafale Revive Custom II

Rafale Revive Custom II Pic1 photo RafaleReviveCustomIIPic1_zps21698d6f.jpg
Front box artwork

Rafale Revive Custom II Pic2 photo RafaleReviveCustomIIPic2_zps53dd22dd.jpg

Rafale Revive Custom II Pic3 photo RafaleReviveCustomIIPic3_zps3f8a1cf9.jpg

Rafale Revive Custom II Pic4 photo RafaleReviveCustomIIPic4_zps1c409899.jpg
4 pairs inter-changable claw like fists

Rafale Revive Custom II Pic5 photo RafaleReviveCustomIIPic5_zps5ee4733f.jpg

Rafale Revive Custom II Pic6 photo RafaleReviveCustomIIPic6_zps4a09283e.jpg

Rafale Revive Custom II Pic7 photo RafaleReviveCustomIIPic7_zps263be8c0.jpg

Rafale Revive Custom II Pic8 photo RafaleReviveCustomIIPic8_zps47d400b3.jpg
Bread Slicer - a knife-like Blade designed

Rafale Revive Custom II Pic9 photo RafaleReviveCustomIIPic9_zps5680e0c5.jpg
Shield Pierce - pilebunker-type weapon

Rafale Revive Custom II Pic10 photo RafaleReviveCustomIIPic10_zps338fa6c6.jpg

Rafale Revive Custom II Pic11 photo RafaleReviveCustomIIPic11_zps8bfeda10.jpg

Rafale Revive Custom II Pic12 photo RafaleReviveCustomIIPic12_zps8108d8b1.jpg
.61 cal sub machine gun

Rafale Revive Custom II Pic13 photo RafaleReviveCustomIIPic13_zpsf92e5cd5.jpg

Rafale Revive Custom II Pic14 photo RafaleReviveCustomIIPic14_zpsb2eb57ce.jpg

Rafale Revive Custom II Pic15 photo RafaleReviveCustomIIPic15_zps822796fd.jpg
.62 cal heavy shotgun for some overkill

Rafale Revive Custom II Pic16 photo RafaleReviveCustomIIPic16_zpsea968e47.jpg

Rafale Revive Custom II Pic17 photo RafaleReviveCustomIIPic17_zpsc743918d.jpg

Rafale Revive Custom II Pic18 photo RafaleReviveCustomIIPic18_zpsdfa2fd5e.jpg

Rafale Revive Custom II Pic19 photo RafaleReviveCustomIIPic20_zps8a0b8f41.jpg

Rafale Revive Custom II Pic20 photo RafaleReviveCustomIIPic21_zpsdfc8000f.jpg
.55 cal Semi-automatic assault rifle

Rafale Revive Custom II Pic21 photo RafaleReviveCustomIIPic22_zpsbbbe456b.jpg

Rafale Revive Custom II Pic22 photo RafaleReviveCustomIIPic23_zps9724830f.jpg

Rafale Revive Custom II Pic23 photo RafaleReviveCustomIIPic27_zps094b4299.jpg

Rafale Revive Custom II Pic24 photo RafaleReviveCustomIIPic28_zps1779cc25.jpg

Rafale Revive Custom II Pic25 photo RafaleReviveCustomIIPic29_zps5663e60b.jpg

Rafale Revive Custom II Pic26 photo RafaleReviveCustomIIPic30_zps7f13f288.jpg

Rafale Revive Custom II Pic27 photo RafaleReviveCustomIIPic31_zps0fd48398.jpg 

Infinite Stratos - Charlotte Dunois' Rafale Revive Custom II is definitely the top of the range toy for any IS fan which I'm sure Stanley and Bludrakon would agreed. This part 2 review of the toy is owned by Stanley and had already blog about his precious. According to the world of IS, Charlotte Dunois' Rafale Revive Custom II is an All-Rounder Close Quarters AGP (Armored Girls Project) with an insane range of projectile weapons from .55 cal Semi-automatic assault rifle, .61 cal sub machine gun and .62 cal heavy shotgun for some overkill. At close battle, its melee weapons rely on Shield Pierce - pilebunker-type weapon and Bread Slicer - a knife-like Blade designed. Maybe the designer of thinking about cutting baguette which was widely associated to French bakery. On standby, this state of art equipment would be concealed as a pendant worn by Charlotte. 

Since I had covered on the figure part of this toy, I'm going to put my focus on the suit here. Donning the suit somehow rekindled that feeling of playing Transformers Power Masters as the equipment beefing up. Replacing the armor legs are the first few steps to gear and you see Charlotte doubling in height thereafter. Next was to replace the forearm with extended armor arms which the 4 pairs inter-changable claw-like IS fists could sent chill down to the spine of her enemies. While attaching more armor parts to Charlotte, I noticed the real difficulty came when trying Charlotte holds those weapons. Due to the weight of those oversized weapons, Charlotte's hands would drop downwards if unsupported or the forearms got detached which could be frustrating at times. On the hand, it gave more satisfaction when you managed to get the pose right. Don't forget to change Charlotte to her IS head gear which I also forgotten. Phew... ^_^


chrismandesign said...

the armors which look awesome in an anime series, usually are a headache for toy designers, when it comes to create an action figure... you could realize it while posing them... you have a serious compromise between quality materials (which are often the heavier ones) and a decent posability...

obviously, here the priority is the faithfulness with the corresponding anime reference (which is pretty fine and Bandai did a laudable job !!!) and hence the posability suffers... the armor is bulky and heavy, the armament likewise... you can’t get the best of both... unless you’re willing to pay a rather obscene price... =/

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Staying faithful to how it look in the anime takes more priority and it's want fans of the anime desire more since the posing problem can be solved with the use of more plastic stands. IS in my opinion has been more reasonably priced like 150 plus Sing dollars and recent preorder had trends of price reduction. The anime is still going strong with the second ended not long ago and we are really looking for more episodes to come.

Bandai is better known for mecha toys making so it's a positive direction that they improving on mecha gals with ongoing releases of IS figures and AGP (Anime Girls Project).

burntrolls said...

I remember you did a post for another toy in this series, this one is really cool and the colour scheme looks wonderful. Did you have a Powermaster Optimus prime at one point :D? Also I never seen someone use a knife like that to slice bread, maybe to fillet a crocodile haha

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> burntrolls
Apologises for the confusion, it's the same toy but had to split the posts due to the number of pics taken. I used to have the encore Power Master Prime. Is an awesome toy with the power master figure attached to the prime mover engine. The trailer could also fused to the prime mover to form a bigger Prime. I luv watching the master power and pretenders series dubbed on video tapes. I think got kind of carried away...

sl619 said...

This is the problem with mechas, figures with oversize weapons or any body parts for that matter. Nendoroid with extravagant hair also suffer from th

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Indeed, it's anime defying gravity and toy pinned by gravity. As collector, we always hope the figure could hold up its own. Good thing someone can up plastic stand. Still some PVC figure bend over after a period of time.

desmond said...

In reality, The armour suit is too big for her..HAHAHA..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Sure is lol but anime does come with logic. Beside, she looks pretty cool in the anime.


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