Friday, 6 September 2013

1/1 RX-78-2 Gundam Diver City

Gundam Diver City Pic 1 photo GundamDiverCityPic1_zpsaf51036a.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 5 photo GundamDiverCityPic5_zps0f79a9cc.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 2 photo GundamDiverCityPic2_zps727c6cd1.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 3 photo GundamDiverCityPic3_zps5bb1d5e6.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 4 photo GundamDiverCityPic4_zps5c4618f7.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 6 photo GundamDiverCityPic6_zpsdb43fabb.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 7 photo GundamDiverCityPic7_zpse6c9c6ea.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 8 photo GundamDiverCityPic8_zpse67b299e.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 9 photo GundamDiverCityPic9_zps58f91eb8.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 10 photo GundamDiverCityPic10_zpsfe510ebf.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 11 photo GundamDiverCityPic11_zpsc526a578.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 12 photo GundamDiverCityPic12_zps8dd805e1.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 13 photo GundamDiverCityPic13_zpsdd53400c.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 14 photo GundamDiverCityPic14_zpsa71ee92a.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 15 photo GundamDiverCityPic15_zpsaa569711.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 16 photo GundamDiverCityPic16_zps40c0838f.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 17 photo GundamDiverCityPic17_zpse6be00f4.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 18 photo GundamDiverCityPic18_zps17b8451e.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 19 photo GundamDiverCityPic19_zps8b109d6c.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 20 photo GundamDiverCityPic20_zps2c45fd72.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 21 photo GundamDiverCityPic21_zps6b689331.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 22 photo GundamDiverCityPic22_zps6bbb4a74.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 23 photo GundamDiverCityPic23_zps1149968e.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 24 photo GundamDiverCityPic24_zps8ea0d1c6.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 25 photo GundamDiverCityPic25_zps895f8934.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 26 photo GundamDiverCityPic26_zpsb7fbc021.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 27 photo GundamDiverCityPic27_zps91c0c0fa.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 28 photo GundamDiverCityPic28_zpscd25fbc3.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 30 photo GundamDiverCityPic30_zps8fc17182.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 29 photo GundamDiverCityPic29_zps42a7bc18.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 31 photo GundamDiverCityPic31_zps336d03d5.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 32 photo GundamDiverCityPic32_zps90c7812f.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 33 photo GundamDiverCityPic33_zps74060c8e.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 34 photo GundamDiverCityPic34_zpsa4f1e1ae.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 35 photo GundamDiverCityPic35_zps94a1ee48.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 36 photo GundamDiverCityPic36_zpsae46c23b.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 37 photo GundamDiverCityPic37_zpsdece6df7.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 38 photo GundamDiverCityPic38_zps8e46452e.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 39 photo GundamDiverCityPic39_zps45651c07.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 40 photo GundamDiverCityPic40_zpsadb7bcfa.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 41 photo GundamDiverCityPic41_zpse526867d.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 42 photo GundamDiverCityPic42_zps36cf7edf.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 43 photo GundamDiverCityPic43_zps9e369384.jpg

Gundam Diver City Pic 44 photo GundamDiverCityPic44_zps28cd3db2.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic37 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic37_zpsac29706f.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic38 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic38_zpsd29d06ee.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic41 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic41_zps8f33c66f.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic40 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic40_zpsf4af898c.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic39 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic39_zps753c5e3a.jpg

Gundam Front Tokyo Pic42 photo GundamFrontTokyoPic42_zps5eee0408.jpg

1/1 scale RX-78-2 Gundam @ Diver City (Odaiba) is the main reason I flew to Japan to be pilgrimaged as a Gundam fan. I was so eager to see the 1/1 scale Gundam that I actually ran towards it when nearing Diver City. There was overwhelming joy and the sight was truly speculation. 

Gundam truly is a symbol of hope for the Japan and fans around the world. The 1/1 Gundam is more than just a statue. Some of the parts does move and you will witness it by catching a few timings for the show whereby Gundam OST would be played, Gundam head would turn a bit and smoke released from the valves. It's promising that in future it will do more. It's especially magnificent at night with different colored lightings shining on the Gundam, which gave different viewing experience. 

Looking around big Gundam, you would noticed Gundam cafe and souvenir booth just nearby. Agent S and I had ordered 1/144 Gundam waffles from the friendly staff. I basically roamed around the cafe and booth taking pics. There are some merchandises that were exclusive at Diver City and one item I regretted not buying was the beam saber umbrella. Could not find it at Gundam Cafe else where.


Ant Sized Man said...

I really wish this had been up when i visited, so jealous!

chrismandesign said...

AWESOME !!! i didn’t know it has sound effects as well... you know is like a huge toy, out of the box and although i don’t like electronic gimmicks in a collector figure, i would not mind into have one of these in front of the apartment where i live LOLOLOLOLOL... now, the beam saber umbrellas look kinda girly with the pink translucent cover, but without it are pretty fine !!! =)

LEon said...

If I have a chance I will go! Thanks for sharing

M-7 said...

Lucky You!

bluedrakon said...

I so much need to get my passport and jump over to Japan. I so much want to see this and empty my bank account at the same time!!!

Looks like you all had a great time and I very much enjoy all the shots!

Christian Kaw said...

Amuro! Amuro!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Ant Sized Man
Make sure you include Diver City in your Itinerary on your next visit : )

>> chrismandesign
Definitely a huge toy which I wish that time I could climb aboard and play with it. Lolz... Pink on beam saber umbrella cos Gundam beam is pink. That's the original colour. Hehe...

>> LEon
Thank you for dropping by bro. Can bring your son to Disneyland as well if you go Tokyo. It's not too far from Diver City : )

>> M-7
Thank you for visiting... Come again...

>> bluedrakon
Yup, heavy expenses.. I'm still recovering from my burnt pocket. It was a great experience and worth going and hopefully I will make a comeback.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Christian Kaw
Yes!!! Epic character and strongest new-type!

deSMOnd said...

is this similar to the one in Hong Kong?

Om3ga062012 said...

I didn't know that 1/1 rx-78 gundam head can turn a bit.That zaku waffles looks yummy. Beamsabel umbrella?

David John Shewsbury said...

no joke but true, this is quite interesting.... pretty good sightseeing attraction for tourist and Gundam fans specially though I personally would prefer to see Strike Gundam than the old 78...

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> deSMOnd
This is the one and only for this scale. I think HK has a 1/100 scale White Base for exhibition. That's pretty awesome too!

>> Om3ga062012
The Japanese likes adding mechanics and the added feature is something want human look forward to in near future.

My waffle has custard filling and I luv it. ^_^

>> David John Shewsbury
Indeed, it's definitely managed to draw Gundam fans ard the world to take a look, at least for me. Lol... Maybe Strike Gundam isn't as popular but I sure know Freedom Gundam has quite a huge fan base.


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