Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Gundam 'One Year War' Figures Set

Gundam OYW Figure Pic1 
Lengthy sleek box with window seeing all the figures 

Amuro Ray OYW Figure Pic1
Amura Ray during OYW in Earth Federation uniform (Haro is bonus)

Amuro Ray OYW Figure Pic2 

Sayla Mass OYW Figure Pic1
Sayla Mass during OYW in Earth Federation uniform

Sayla Mass OYW Figure Pic2

Matida Ajan OYW Figure Pic1
The beautiful Matilda Ajan figure 

Char OYW Figure Pic1
One of the character figures in the set that lured me into buying the set

Char OYW Figure Pic2
Char! Char! Char!

Gihren Zabi OYW Figure Pic1
Gihren Zabi figure

Gihren Zabi OYW Figure Pic2
Sieg Zeon!

Garma Zabi OYW Figure Pic1
Garma Zabi figure

Garma Zabi OYW Figure Pic3

Garma Zabi OYW Figure Pic2

Ramba Ral & Crowley HamanOYW Figure Pic1
Ramba Ral and Crowley Haman figures

Ramba Ral OYW Figure Pic1 

An interesting lineup of characters from Gundam 'One Year War' that come in a set without having to pay a lot, if you are not fussy with the sculpt details and plastic vinyl quality. Surely, they had added more life to my mecha display.

Really value for money without having to spend the effort searching for these eight + 1 (Haro ball) figures set comprises of Amuro Ray, Sayla Mass, Matilda Ajan, Char Aznable, Ramba Ral, Crowley Haman, Garma Zabi and Gihren Zabi.

I'll say they are more of trading figures rather than gasaphons. Each figure measures about 3.5 inches, so they are relatively taller than gasaphons. The figure even comes with stand with their names stated on the under side.


deSMOnd said...

This set is definitely worth for collection. Great score bro!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Thanx bro! I so glad that someone is still selling these on eBay SG. Plain by themselves by once together with Gundam robots on display, they shine!

chrismandesign said...

totally agree pal, these must be trading figures, very vintage and yeah, they look awesome as a complement for a mecha display... indeed i have mine (those from Gundam series) along with my model kits and despite they’re not in the same scale, surely add a context to the group... the OYW is an unknown series for me uhmmm... =O

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

It was Arvin who first poisoned me by showing me his figures placed beside his robot kits. Like you have mentioned, they looked totally awesome even not in the same scale. I presumed, you would relate the figure and kits better this way. After the OYW series, the poison spread and I had gather more trading figure like these from other Gundam timeline.

bluedrakon said...

what a great addition to your collection. I really enjoyed your use of the backgrounds for each of the figures - great job!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Thx bro! The background shots were learned from a fellow blogger 'The Toy Room'. Kind of interesting...


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