Thursday, 12 April 2012

Battleship 2012 Movie

You might not believe that I was once a cop when I couldn't even believed myself that I had served the national with pride for 11 long years. After having left the Police Force for more than a year, I still have to reply my call of duty as a reservist. Which mean I still need to keep myself physically fit and maintain my basic enforcement skills like self-defense & shooting. Today, I had reported for my Taurus Revolver .38 test shoot and managed to secure my 'Marksman' level. Feels great as my cash incentives are two hundred bucks.

On my way home, I treated myself to this manly action sci-fi movie 'Battleship'. It was a sudden decision to watch the movie when the trailer makes it so inviting. I just bumped in into a nearby cinema and was lucky enough to get the ticket just 5 minutes before the show starts. Well, I had to watch the movie with me, myself and Dennis aka Katsuden.

This movie reminded me of 'Battle Los Angeles' but in this instant, the fighting field now switched to the sea instead of land. 'Battleship' takes a less serious tone compared to 'Battle L.A', so much so that some of the scenes are kind of cheesy. Based on Hasbro game 'Battleship', this adaption promised to deliver action pack scenes, hot babe like Brooklyn Decker (Sorry Rihanna, you are not on my list) and impressive CGI, closed to 'Transformers'. I meant closed but no as smooth as TF live action movie.

A word of advise: Just enjoy the flow and not think too realistically cos I personally feel that the heroes managed to recovery from those bad situations too quickly as if shipwreck and casualties management were at breeze.


chrismandesign said...

WOW !!! so you were a Police Officer !!! my respects pal... yeah, i wouldn’t believe it because you look like a nice and kind guy and well, is not usual to see a nice and kind cop if you ask me (LOL)... i have no comments for the movies since i have not seen it, but by your review i guess is a movie to pass the time and have some fun with the FXs, nothing to think too much... =)

P.S. with your kindness and generosity, your constant support to my humble blog, the least i can do is to follow loyally your publications... that’s also very appreciated pal... =D

Ant Sized Man said...

Marksmen sounbd very cool and totally surprised you where a Policemen, never would have guessed that one.

Like how you compared Battleship to Battle LA which i really enjoyed, also tols there is a bit of Transformer in there.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> chrismandesign
I guess being a cop is not easy and to br a good cop makes it even more difficult. You should watch this movie if you are in for action.

>> Ant Sized Man
Well they say it more difficult to shoot a revolver compared to M16 due to recoil for short barrel. Speaking of which, I should go to get the dvd of 'Battle L.A'

deSMOnd said...

Bro, sorry for not able to go watching with you. I love the movie from start to end..totally entertaining with pretty good visual and sound effects from CATHAY..Waiting for Avengers!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

No prob! It's a bit too sudden to ask you to watch the movie anyway. It's the kind of movie suited for both you and I. Avengers are next for me as well.

bluedrakon said...

More kudos to you for being in the Force. Never something I could do and appreciate those that can more.

Not sure about the movie as I am a bit taken back with the aliens. Will probably watch the DVD though.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

This movie and 'Battle L.A' is already in my DVD collection wish-list. These are the kind of action flick that I would like watching again.

RiP666 said...

wooow you were a cop back then sir,, that was really interesting to hear, salute for you :D

I've watched this too, and indeed this movie is cool and exciting somehow. and I love the jokes on it

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Thanx bro. Yup! The money is well spent on this movie and l also laugh at the jokes too! This movie will soon be in my DVD collection rack.