Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Toyshop @ Harbour Front

Went window shopping at Harbour Front & Vivocity on Monday and was surprised to see that 'Action Toyz' is still going strong at Harbour Front after so long. Maybe it's because they have quite a diverse range of toys from RC toys.... Soft toy ....Trading figures....Transformers.... Ultraman. Not forgetting that the shop is also strategically located near the Cruise Centre.

Quiz time: Does anyone know what Harbour Front is previously known as?


LEon said...

IIRC it was called World Trade Centre. :)

Jul said...

Yup, it was World Trade Centre. I remembered the Cable Car incident too..



Dennis aka Katsuden said...

You guyz are pro! I remember the Cable Car incident happened when I was still a kid. Another tragic incident I remember was the collapsed of Hotel New World.

LEon said...

I'm not Pro. We just happen to live in Sg "long" enough. LOL