Monday, 3 November 2008

Macross DVD boxset AnimEigo

A look at the box

There are bruises at corners

Total of nine DVDs

Japanese dialogue with English subtitles

Boxset comes with a DVD casing size Hologram card

Disc one DVD print art

Disc two DVD print art

Disc three DVD print art

Disc four DVD print art

Disc five DVD print art

Disc six DVD print art

Disc seven DVD print art

Disc eight DVD print art

Disc nine DVD print art

I'm proud to announce that I have finally owned an original Macross anime DVD. I got this preowned code 1 boxset recently on Ebay for around S$100/- including shipping from States. The price was much more expensive in the past. The condition of the box could be better if the seller had at least bubble wrapped it before postage. Have yet to watch the digitally enhanced version but will definitely watch this enchanting anime again when I have the time. Macross forever!!!!

Macross opening by Nekki Basara vocal...


Bambino D said...

That's awesome! Very cool hologram picture on the box. I have yet to finish watching the Macross first series.

deSMOnd said...

Good score!! It's considered cheap if you bought it from overseas. Have not watched Macross before but used to have a small plastic Macross with yellow deco during my secondary school days. Had also given to my neighbours already..Haha!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> bambino d
The hologram card is a surprise for me too.

>> desmond
I think the one you had was VF-1S. Your neighbour is lucky. I remember there used to be a lot of such small Macross toys. Some even have sharpner attached.

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