Monday, 1 September 2008

1/55 VF-1J H.Ichijo - 2001 Reissued

Year 2001 was a fantastic year to many Macross fans as it was a year that many toy companies started making and issuing Macross related toys. Bandai also joined the race with the reissue of 1/55 valkyries.

1/55 scale V1-1J was given a new packaging, allowing you to see the valkyrie in fighter mode through the window of the box. There isn't really a need to paste any stickers even though the toy comes with addition stickers. A lot of details were already printed on the toy.

Unlike the Takatoku VF-1J, the Bandai issue is not able to don the vintage GBP armor as the reissue ones have bigger legs. The reissue one is still as nice piece of toy to recapture the moments you first played with Macross toys. Also to bring down the price of vintage ones.


jeroprime said...

Wow...My favourite. How much u brought it? I'm looking for it for quite some time. Manage to found some but the price over my budget.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I think it's about 80 to 100 S'pore dollars. But there is once, the prices went really low like skydiving to around S$50/-.

Bandai recently reissued this again. I checked with my local store Falcon's Hangar and they told me they got no confidence to bring in this. Sad :(.

Keep you update if there is any good buy!

jeroprime said...

Thanks for the info, yup last time before the SG yahoo auction down, i saw got ppl listed this toys at S$50-60. Should take it that time. Too bad.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Sometime, it's become harder when opportunity slip passed. I felt that a lot of time too.

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