Friday, 29 August 2008

First visit to Bukit Panjang Dental

The dental signboard

My dental receipt

Just gone through scaling and polishing at Bt Panjang Dental Surgery yesterday. There was much disappointment at first cos the clinic seems pretty rundown and they only accept cash payment. Which means I had to walk to a nearest ATM machine to withdraw money? That took me at least 20 minutes to and flow?

The scariest moment was when I returned to see patient before me moaning in pain when he exit the dentist room. He was prescribed with medication buy didn’t seem to have gone through any tooth extraction.

Well! The impression I have for the dentist was fairly good as he had greeted me as I entered the room. But when he asked me for my purpose there, I couldn’t quite answer. Actually, my last visit to a dentist was more than a year ago and I didn’t look for another dentist after my usual dentist stopped providing general dental services and had gone specialized on braces. Basically, the push factor for me to visit the dentist was the obvious tarnishes and stains on my top and bottom front teeth.

Anyway, the usual question any dentist would ask me is if I’m a smoker cos I have a yellowish set of teeth since young. When my reply was that I’m a non-smoker, dentist would suspect that I probably took too much antibiotic or medicine when I was a kid. I kind of believed this theory cos my body was very weak in the past and my mother often brought me to see doctors. I’m also constantly having high dosage of medication.

This time round, on top of what was mentioned above, the dentist actually told me to give up trying to whiten my teeth using DIY methods unless I go for some laser treatment. That isn’t very encouraging but at least he was frank.

The dentist is really a friendly person and he talked to me a lot during scaling & polishing, but I could not reply with my mouth opened wide. I must say the dentist is very skillful and the process didn’t cause any pain. Not like those I experienced in the past that built up a lot of fear factors in me.

After the scaling and polishing, I felt happier with more confidence when I smile. About the fellow before me? I checked with the dentist and he disclosed to me that the fellow is a heavy smoker and his gum was infected due to poor dental hygiene.

I’m generally satisfied with the service and it was much attributed by the dentist’s skill. I will return to the dental clinic again if you ask me. One thing I forgotten was to ask for the dentist’s name. Muddleheaded!

The scaling and polishing only cost S$40/-. With my S$35/- of dental claim, I only need to pay five bucks.

Tips: Rinse after every meal & floss at least once a day (preferably before going to sleep)

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Kidult's Kelvin said...

hey...this dental already close down? thanks

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