Monday, 9 June 2008

Vivo Gundam Fair (part 3)

Display showcase on Sangokushi Gundams

'Wei' forces Cao Cao @ mould hill

'Shu' forces ~ Zhuge Liang @ hill top

The peach oath brothers stand guard

This is the corner where all SD Sangokushi Gundam kits were sold. I have quite a lot of time looking at these cute little model kits displayed in the showcase. An outstanding landscape of 'Shu' (Liu Bei) forces defending against 'Wei' (Cao Cao) forces with background of the map of ancient China, plus featuring the great warlords of 'Romance of Three Kingdoms' era.

I am almost tempted to buy the Lu Bu Gundam and two other Sangokushi Gundams that comes with exclusive soldier kit.

BB Sangokushi Gundam model kits commercial...

Sangokushi Gundam anime opening...

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