Friday, 6 June 2008

Launcher & Sword Strike Gundam

Front view of the box

Back view of the box

Deactivated mode holding beam sword

Assembling all weapons for Strike Gundam

Chogokin Gundam Seed Die Cast figure is a brilliant re-creation of the Iconic Gundam Strike from Gundam Seed anime. The inner frame is made of metal, giving the figure additional weight and realism. Add the included weaponry and accessories to turn it into either the Sword Strike Gundam or the Launcher Strike Gundam. Either one is a great figure with articulated weapons and pods that are attached to the Gundam figure.

The Strike Gundam of this boxset is in the greyish low-energy mode. So you actually need to buy both the Strike Gundam chogokin sets to compliment one another. Also in the package is the FX-550 Skygrasper support fighter jet. It comes with its own stand. Indeed a limited collectible by Bandai.

Awesome opening song of Gundam Seed...

I know you like Freedom Gundam Haro! Can't give you the toy but can give this awesome video on Freedom Gundam...

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