Thursday, 12 June 2008

About Toys 'R' Us

Toys 'R' Us @ Vivocity

Toy'R'Us has been my favourite haunt since I was a kid. My dad used to bring me to the Toy'R'Us at Parkway Parade. Maybe it's my naive thinking to imagine that the place was so huge the toys were stacked like mountain. Anyway, I can really spend hours just admiring the warehouse of toys. How wonderful!

As I grew older, whenever my dad brought me to his shop located at Lucky Plaza. I would walk from Lucky Plaza to Forum Gallery to visit Toy'R'Us. I remember that there used to have a lot of G.I Joe figurines plus vehicles and Transformers toys that I would see until my eyes popped out. Ha! Ha! exaggerating!

Beside looking and touching the toys, there were also cartoons and toy advertisement to watch. Toy'R'Us really does has great impact on me and till now I still can't forget the awesome commercial song of Toy'R'Us. I don't want to grow up. I'm a Toy'R'Us kid......

If you could remember this commercial....

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