Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Speed Racer & Iron Man

Had just watched Iron Man the movie yesterday together with Irene. We had brought Wenzel along cos we don't bear to leave her at home. I must say that our little girl has been very sensible and well-behaved even though she only three. Maybe it's the gene? Hee! Hee! A little bit of self praise.

Please don't be mistaken that this is the blog on my children. Cheez.... Anyway, I really enjoy watching Iron Man and I think the director had done a good job on the story and character development with a touch of humor. The part when Tony Stark built the first prototype Iron Man is very intriguing. Will be looking forward to see Iron Man joining the Avengers and also his friend becoming the sidekick War Machine. This is exciting! Proton cannon blast!

I hope I am not the only person enjoying the movie. All of us loved eating the popcorns and Wenzel especially. But she was a bit frighten by the sound of gunshots and explosion and she eventually fallen asleep halfway through the movie. Irene then had to cover Wen'z ears so as not to disturb her nap.

Probably as a promotional tactic for the upcoming Speed Racer Movie, the Golden Villager GV popcorn container comes in the shape of a Speed Racer car if you purchase the combo meal. Because we watched the movie and obtained the drinks and popcorns using complimentary tickets, we didn't have the Speed Racer car. However, we are lucky to accidentally found one discarded Speed Racer popcorn container on a trash bin while exiting the cinema. So I took it for Wenz and Denz as a toy after I have cleaned it. Hee! Hee! A bit cheapskate right?

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