Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Freddie's MS

Who says E.F.S.F don't have mobile suit! Shortly after the implementation of project V, E.F.S.F soon mass produce GM which then evolved to RGM like the one you see here.

In my opinion, Bandai had definitely launched the Gundam Fix Figuration for toy collectors who find fixing model kit a hassle. These Gundam Fix Figuration toys were made to 1/144 scale with detail specification. It is as detail as the model kit and you don't ever need to apply stickers. The printings were nicely done on the figure. What a breakthrough!

Beside all these advantages, Gundam Fix Figuration figures comes with interchangeable parts that give you the choice to which mobile suit design you prefer. Just take this Gundam Fix Figuration 0026 for example, you can choose between a Gundam or a RGM.

It's like having two toys for the price of one! However, the price of Gundam Fix Figuration don't come cheap. The price ranges from S$65 - S$95/-.

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