Friday, 2 May 2008

Cybertronian Autobots

"I am Optimus Prime, leader of Autobots". "Autobots transform and roll out". Do these phases sound familiar to you? When I watched the Transformer Movie 2007, I felt that all the other transformers characters design had been given a total makeover. Except for Optimus Prime, it's features still resemble the generation one look. Optimus Prime still look good in the movie.

When I watched Leon transformed Optimus Prime, I realised how fast and skillful he was. He must have played with it a lot. The transformation was awesome and the last step of transformation really made me shouted 'WOW'! Optimus Prime's head suddenly emerged from the chest, the eyes blinked and he spoked. Excellent!

The pic as shown below Optimus Prime is Ironhide. In the movie, he was a straightforward and trigger happy kind of guy. Definitely an autobot with maximum firepower.

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