Monday, 5 May 2008

Casval's Customized Gundam

I went to China Square together with my family members and Jason last Sunday on 04/05/2008, without intending to buy anything. I wanted to keep some money so as to place a higher bid a vintage VF1A 1/55 Bandai on Ebay.

Unfortunately or should I say fortunately, I saw a a Gundam Figuration of Char Aznable version on display inside one of the toy shops.

Unlike other figures from the Gundam figuration series, this one is a lot bigger with a scale size of 1/100 ( roughly 12"). It is also made of metal composite alike chogokin.

One look at the toy caught my attention. What's more! The toy was on sale only selling at a price of S$88.80/-. I didn't hesitate much and bought it. Truly a nice dude on display. Also another headache trying to squeeze it in my display cabinet. But no regrets buying this dude!

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