Friday, 25 April 2008

Time travel to year 2001

A bit on the history of my collection. Even though I like Macross a lot, I really didn't have any vintage Macross toy way in year 2001. I guess toys are just toys when I was a kid and I didn't take care of the toys with due care. Not to mention keeping and collecting them. There was quite a change when I have by chance passed by a toy shop selling old toys. I have forgotten the name of the shop but I know the shop was managed by Dennis and Carole. I remember spending a lot of my time inside the shop and I even bought the reissued Transformer Optimus Prime God Ginrai. It was awesome!

I had brought the precious toy to my workplace and coincidentally a colleague of mine happened to see previous toy. My colleague told me he also like collecting toys and had wanted to buy the same toy. Let 's call this colleague Jason and our common interest really took us a long way. We became became good friends because Jason is also a really sincere and cool guy! Our journey of toy collecting was joined by Mr K later. The story continue..........

Oh! I have forgotten to tell you guyz that I have given up the collection of Transformer toys and the pictures of the book TF books were some of the books that I used to have. Anyway, I sold away the two books. Ha! Ha!

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