Tuesday, 4 November 2008

KO 1/55 DYRL VF-1A Hikaru

The front view of packaging

The rear view of packaging

Check out the chrome antenna on head!

Bonus: The cockpit can light up

Back view of battroid

Front view in gerwalk mode

Top view in gerwalk mode

Top view in fighter mode (Don't understand why the center part is grey)

Front view in fighter mode

Useful parts ~ rifle, missiles and gun clip

Comparison between original heat shield and KO heatshield

Can you tell the difference?

This is the other KO 1/55 scale VF-1A which I bought together with the red one. I woud say this one is much better in terms of plastic quality. I just need some time to tighten the screws and do some minor repairs to the joints. Also managed to savage some parts like rifle, missiles, gunclips and heatshield for 1/55 scale valkyrie. KO valkyries can be bought locally from MengSKToys.

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