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Generations Leader Class Jetfire

Generations Leader Class Jetfire 1 photo GenerationsLeaderClassJetfire1_zpsbfd65a87.jpg
Transparent window with a clear good of the toy fastened to the insert

Generations Leader Class Jetfire 2 photo GenerationsLeaderClassJetfire2_zps689ff979.jpg

Generations Leader Class Jetfire 3 photo GenerationsLeaderClassJetfire3_zps92e65b54.jpg
Armour removed

Generations Leader Class Jetfire 4 photo GenerationsLeaderClassJetfire4_zpscc8d8f76.jpg
It's bigger than the Henkei Jetfire

Generations Leader Class Jetfire 5 photo GenerationsLeaderClassJetfire5_zps0a881713.jpg

Generations Leader Class Jetfire 6 photo GenerationsLeaderClassJetfire6_zpsd12bdd9c.jpg

Generations Leader Class Jetfire 7 photo GenerationsLeaderClassJetfire7_zps2fa7457c.jpg

Generations Leader Class Jetfire 8 photo GenerationsLeaderClassJetfire8_zps86aba327.jpg

Generations Leader Class Jetfire 9 photo GenerationsLeaderClassJetfire9_zps364a99b1.jpg
Clip-on battle helmet or rather a mask

Generations Leader Class Jetfire 10 photo GenerationsLeaderClassJetfire10_zpse17b50d0.jpg
Spring action Photon missile launcher on the gun

Generations Leader Class Jetfire 11 photo GenerationsLeaderClassJetfire11_zps6b68473e.jpg
Armours can be joined together from the sides to form an even bigger gun

Generations Leader Class Jetfire 12 photo GenerationsLeaderClassJetfire12_zps104a2f4e.jpg

Generations Leader Class Jetfire 13 photo GenerationsLeaderClassJetfire13_zpse396a9f0.jpg

Generations Leader Class Jetfire 14 photo GenerationsLeaderClassJetfire14_zps2340dbd2.jpg

Generations Leader Class Jetfire 15 photo GenerationsLeaderClassJetfire15_zpsc5ba616d.jpg
Putting Robotech pilots from Toynami Masterpiece Collection toyline

Generations Leader Class Jetfire 16 photo GenerationsLeaderClassJetfire16_zpsa0a83407.jpg

Generations Leader Class Jetfire 17 photo GenerationsLeaderClassJetfire17_zps769fdd01.jpg

Generations Leader Class Jetfire 18 photo GenerationsLeaderClassJetfire18_zpsa267ce5b.jpg

Generations Leader Class Jetfire 19 photo GenerationsLeaderClassJetfire19_zps8418e1da.jpg

Generations Leader Class Jetfire 20 photo GenerationsLeaderClassJetfire20_zps5545b709.jpg

Generations Leader Class Jetfire 21 photo GenerationsLeaderClassJetfire21_zps20177457.jpg

Generations Leader Class Jetfire 22 photo GenerationsLeaderClassJetfire22_zpsbb2fb401.jpg

Generations Leader Class Jetfire 23 photo GenerationsLeaderClassJetfire23_zpsffcad59b.jpg

Generations Leader Class Jetfire 24 photo GenerationsLeaderClassJetfire24_zps5c2ac19f.jpg

Jetfire photo Jetfire_zps3debf2a0.jpg

Sky Guardian Jetfire is 21 of 30 transformers Leader Class series rollout. Jetfire is ancient and powerful, but he would prefer to stay hidden in the background rather than on the frontline. He is a peaceful robot at heart, preferring the stately, ordered excitement is science to the frenzy of battle. But the reckless ambition of the Decepticons and the senseless violence of their war sickened him, so he left Cybertron to go into hiding. He slumbered in peace for years. Reawakening by the arrival of the war on Earth, he decided once again to enter the fight-this time on the side of the Autobots and this time to it for good, whatever the cost. So much about the character as narrated on the back of the packaging. Looking from the front is the transparent window with a clear good of the toy fastened to the insert. 

Thrilling Transformers 30th anniversary for year 2014 and this Jetfire truly brings out the feel of old-school red and white colour scheme, plus refined in transformation although the box states level 3 transformation. Just need to be a little careful the sliding mechanism on the chest area. I would prefer the plane mode to be a sky carrier like in the past over a jet fighter, anyway it's pretty cool is a jet fighter which takes a bit of F-15 Eagle design and rotatable wingspans alike F-14 Tomcat. Those chrome red armours/weapons as well as the turbo thrusters are removable and having them on definitely further boost Jetfire's charm. Furthermore, the cockpit can be opened and I had some fun putting Robotech pilots from Toynami Masterpiece Collection toy-line. Rick Hunter aka Hikaru Ichijo and Roy Focker fitted in well though. 

Since, this is a Hasbro release, the spring action Photon missile launcher on the gun meet the child safety standard for U.S consumers which usually would be omitted in Takara version. By the way, all the armours can be joined together from the sides to form an even bigger gun. My favourite gimmick gotto to be the clip-on battle helmet or rather a mask. It's more innovative than the Henkei Jetfire which a blocky helmet wore over the head. Without the mask is the head sculpt of Jetfire in the G1 cartoon and with the mask on, it resembles the G1 toy VF-1S. It's an awesome toy of good size and weight. I'm likely to get the Takara version 'Legend series' as well.


chrismandesign said...

this is a truly outstanding Transformer !!!... i thought at first sight it was a Takara figure, i noticed the metallic red accessories and that was my guess, since usually those finishes are reserved for the japanese releases and then i saw the Hasbro logo and i fainted LOL... a jet fighter looks for me more appropriate for the Jetfire character, i remember him that way in the G1, albeit i have a Micro Class Jetfire in the form of cargo plane... =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Indeed a very cool toy pal and Takara version seems to be going for a more matte finished. I guess jet fighter or cargo carrier, Jetfire is still Jetfire, as likable as ever. Micro class Jetfire! I want to see! ^_^

burntrolls said...

Excellent pictures, better than TF pictorial reviewers :). good too see it from many different angles, I also didnt realise Rebotech pilots could be placed in the cockpit, maybe I will change my stance on this toy now. For me the wings and robot torso let the figure down

deSMOnd said...

Dennis, I like the jet mode :)

Kathy said...

Woww!, Great toy, Great transformer!!! I am sure you enjoy this transformer a lot :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> Bruntrolls
Thank you for the compliments ^_^ the torso looks pretty ok to me but I realized the wings ain't hidden properly in robot mode. Well, it's a minor issue. In overall, it's a great toy.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Oh yeah, I would say it pretty flawless in jet mode. The cockpit gimmick is fun and the size is proportional.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> kathy
Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. You are so right that I'm thrilled this toy. I dont usually buy Transformers toy these days but this hard to resist.

burntrolls said...

Heya from the land of the conventions, if you free that day it would be a great family day out

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Thank you for the information! I will definitely bring my family for the convention next year. Something to look forward to. Btw, my kiddos luv water play @ Singapore Science Center.


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