Monday, 8 September 2014

Kids Logic @ STGCC 2014

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5-in-1 pack Kids Logic Transformers Kids Nation Series TF-01

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Deformed 6" Transformers

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Floating Iron Man that hover above the stand base without any support. 

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Here's a booth promoting all things cute and eggy. Kids Logic proudly showcase their deformed 6" Transformers, Iron Man and Saint Seiya sculpt with amazing details and painted in metallic. So adorable you just will to have them. To side track, I'm surprised that Kids Logic recently launched a figure of Shurato. I grabbed it but have yet to review it. Nonetheless, I'm impressed with the box and how the figure was presented on a velcro covered window. It's most probably a one of production but I meant all to fans of Shurato! 

Things gets even smaller with 5-in-1 pack Kids Logic Transformers Kids Nation Series TF-01 available in Optimus Prime Grimlock Starscream Soundwave Bumblebee each 9-10.5cm (Grimlock is the biggest). There are Iron Man Nation Series as well as with Hall of Armour. Now you have both the yolk and white... Hee Hee... Another interesting display at booth is the floating Iron Man that hover above the stand base without any support. I guess it's the application of magnetic field.


deSMOnd said...

Those figures by KIDS LOGIC are really cute and they are worth collecting :)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Yeah! It looks like these eggy attack toyline make a name for the company.


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