Japan! Otaku Trip! Part 3!

A visit to Tokyo Anime Center which is at the fourth and second level of UDX building. The second level is mainly an official shop selling anime souvenirs. At level 4, it's where limited-time exhibitions will take place @ the main area inside the center. Vocaloid was the main exhibition during our visit with a human size statue of Hatsune Mika 初音ミク, near the entrance. Posters and rare trading cards of Vocaloid was exhibited as well. There's a bulletin board even for fans to leave their comments and well wishes to their favourite virtual idol. 

What's more, there's large monitor playing vocaloid concert if you can't get enough of Project Diva. Plus, Vocaloid merchandises on sale with other anime stuffs. Those anime themed tin cookies set also caught my attention. There's a information booth which we bought our tickets to 'International Tokyo Anime Fair 2013'. 

Continuing our toy hunting, Agent S and I had visited Radio Kaikan Building, which is across the south-east entrance to the Akihabara JR Station. An 8 storey building with 'Yellow Submarine' occupying most of the levels. The ground floor is mainly toys cabinet concept and other levels with different ranges of toys like gasaphon, gunpla (loose parts available), dolls, trading cards, model kits, Hot Toys and many more...


deSMOnd said...

the 1:1 female anime singer status is awesome..

arvinangeles2000 said...

the details of Miku and her decals are awesome

Om3ga062012 said...

Wow, a lot of nice anime themed merchandise. I wonder if there is gundam themed for that anime tin cookies?

bluedrakon said...

So much stuff, so little time and money. Need to find a larger container to ship all the stuff back - heehee.

Love the places you visited and the information on where you went. Hopefully it will help us newbies out when (and if) we go to Japan!

chrismandesign said...

the displays for exhibition look very neat and organized, also the big format digital printing decor is amazing (that’s why i love the japanese graphic design !!! =O=’)... the lifesize Miku is gorgeous !!! (it seems the work of the same artist/company that created the lifesize statues of Rei and Asuka)... you cannot find here in my country anime merchandising in the form of snacks, chocolates, cookies or anything that can be eaten... =(((((

sl619 said...

Life size figures... Near impossible to find on display here for anime characters.
Can only see Marvel and DCs..

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

>> deSMOnd
Oh yes, the biggest, I have seen so far...

>> arvinangeles2000
It's pretty cool, can't help but took several pics of this Miku in different angles and accessories.

>> Om3ga062012
I didn't see any of Gundam cookies in tin, only in card box.

>> bluedrakon
My luggage was 1/4 filled up when I flew there and 110% full upon my return. Lolz. It's my first Free and Easy trip to Tokyo and thankfully, I have Stanley with me..

>> chrismandesign
I guess, anything with the Japanese is neat and proper. Anime center is not very big though. It's really in Akihabara, we get to see a lot more 1:1 scale statue of anime characters. Those anime themed cookies are ranged around 600 to 1000 yen.

>> sl619
It's different culture. Good thing in Singapore, we usually have a good blend of both.

Jcee said...

This is like HEAVEN! LOL