Sunday, 7 July 2019

Robot Spirits Side Hm Heavy Metal L-Gaim Calvary Temple Hellmeene

From the classic mecha anime series Heavy Metal L-Gaim is Hm Heavy Metal L-Gaim Calvary Temple Hellmeene introduced in 16cm (1/144 scale) in Bandai's Robot Spirits Side toyline. Thank you Stanley for passing over this figure to me for the review. Pardon me for having little knowledge of the mecha. Only did I realised that the chest plate should be flipped upwards after googling about the mecha. Sorry about that! 

Anyway, let's move on... Heavy Metal L-Gaim Calvary Temple Hellmeene kind of reminded me of Five Star Stories FFS in a less knighty way. IMHO, this mecha shares a lot of liking to Sazabi in the world of Gundam. The one I like about the mecha is how the beam weapons attach to the forearm and the power cable connects to the backpack. How nostalgic ^_^ Apart from the cables, we also get to see the hydraulic on the back of the knee and glimpse of the interior on the legs. Strangely, there is patch on the right side of the face and it has a unique footing that keeps it sturdy.  

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