Friday, 14 August 2009

Anime @ STGCC 2009

STGCC 2009 Pic 4
There's Animax booth

STGCC 2009 Pic 3
We have sent our best candidate, Mr Bayu aka Kazetora

STGCC 2009 Pic 2
He's really good! He may consider a career switch

Anime has close relationship with games, comic & toys, so it's naturally a part of STGCC 2009. At the convention, you can find Odex booth promoting their dvd such as titles like Gundam 00 season 1, Code Geass & etc. You may wonder why Starhub has a booth at the convention? They are there to promote packages with anime channel too.

If you think you are talented and has got what it takes to be an anime voiceover, then look out for Animax booth. Animax has a staged a mini studio whereby you get to watch a short anime videoclip, digested the emotional aspect and then do a voiceover of the same videoclip with the script provided.

The final product would be your very own voice in English dubbed aired for your self-fulfillment and entertainment to your friends and folks.


LEon said...

I didn't see ODEX low profile or the stall just never stand out?

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

It's within Takashimaya section. The area they sell dvd and anime T-shirts. I bought my Gundam Igoo dvd there.

KazeTora said...

I am considering a career switch. Mwahahahahahhaa.... j/k. I was at STGCC on saturday, were you there as well, bro?

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Ha! Ha! Didn't miss any of the days.

OpenHappy said...

STGCC looks so fun. Oh by the way, I put your banner under I will include you in all pages later when I got to code up that part of the side.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

No prob! Thank you for the link exchange!


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